Billy Altman – “Captain Beefheart Knows He’s a Man” (1979)

maart 12, 2016

The Beat Patrol

This article on Beefheart comes from the April 1979 issue of Creem magazine…


Don Van Vliet has just spent the last fifteen minutes wandering around the conference room at Warner Brothers’ New York headquarters, investigating the possibilities of undoing the corporate environment. He has painstakingly adjusted and readjusted the dimmer switch until the lighting in the room matches the twilight outside, and he has also managed to pry open one of those standard office building windows, the kind that no one who works in places like this ever even gets near for fear that if they do try and get some fresh air in, some alarm will ring and a team of security guards will haul them away (“Mr. Smith, why would you want to tamper with the scientifically designed heating and cooling system of this structure? I mean, you have a window to look out of, don’t you?…

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Langdon Winner – “I’m Not Even Here: The Odyssey of Captain Beefheart” (1970)

maart 12, 2016

The Beat Patrol

This famous article from the May 14, 1970 issue of Rolling Stone is the main source of the Captain’s infamous “legend” to this day – his beefs with Frank Zappa, his strange behavior, his sometimes cruel treatment of bandmembers – but also of the genius that is Captain Beefheart… 


“Uh oh, the phone,” Captain Beefheart mumbled as he placed his tarnished soprano saxophone in its case. “I have to answer the telephone.” It was a very peculiar thing to say. The phone had not rung.
Beefheart walked quickly from his place by the upright piano across the dimly lit living room to where the telephone lay. He waited. After ten seconds of stony silence it finally rang. None of the half dozen or so persons in the room seemed at all surprised by what had just happened. In the world of Captain Beefheart, the extraordinary is the rule.

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Ben Edmonds – “Captain Beefheart” (1970)

maart 12, 2016

The Beat Patrol

Article written by Ben Edmonds for ZigZag magazine about the always enigmatic Captain – August 1970…

Beefheart is and always was a Zigzag hero; we get more letter about him than any other artists, I should think — asking for news and articles. This piece, reprinted from Creem magazine, contains a lot of information which will already be known to Zigzag readers, but there are some interesting quotes from the Captain and news of his new band and next album.
Although they appear to be fading somewhat, the rock and roll audience lines of demarcation are still very much in evidence. On one side are the bubblegum kids, with their transistor radio and Christian Youth Fellowships, stuck in the grooves of the latest B J Thomas or Archies hit. Little needs to be said about them because all of us, at one distant time or another, were inevitably part of that scene. It…

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november 3, 2014

Berlin Beatet Bestes

olmq-271-aolmq-271-bLeo Martin (1924 – 1993) was a Flemish comedian and musician, most famous for being one part of the comic duo Gaston & Leo.

In the late 50s Leo also recorded some  rock´n´roll songs. Strangely this one  about Cleopatra, sung together with actress Chris Sent (1922-1989), is neither in Flemish or French but German.


Now on the flip they don´t even sing in a real language. Or is it?



And then communication deteriorates even further…

Leo Martin in a short wordless sketch from the 1980s:

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